Are you searching for a world-class lap dog with captivating looks? Those distinctive bat ears, wrinkly faces, and sturdy little bodies are guaranteed to be a show-stopper. Frenchie’s entertaining and loving nature will win hearts. This breed was born to be your companion. They are intelligent and playful and think your lap is the best place on earth which is why we fell in love with this breed.

Welcome future Frenchie Family !

Our puppies are bred with love, well socialized, and raised to be exceptional companions for their new families.

Our French Bulldogs are more than pets, they are our family. All of our dogs live inside of our home. Our puppies are raised by hand, loved and cared for from the moment they entered this world. Our puppies come home socialized because they grow up with constant human interaction, attention, and affection. You can expect a companion like non other, because we pour our heart and soul into bringing these tiny treasures into the world.

 About Us

        We knew to get a happy, healthy bloodline, importing our Frenchie was our only option. Importing our first Frenchie, Bruno, was very costly and complex. Luckily, my sister, who has 20-plus years of breeding, was able to help guide us and help ease our minds to find a trustworthy breeder from another country. And that's when my husband and I decided to embark on this new journey to become a small at-home breeder. To help other families minimize the worries and expenses of finding a healthy Frenchie, they can enjoy years to come. 


    What sets us apart from other breeders is that our prices are affordable no matter the color, size, or gender of our litter. The parents are AKC/FCI registered, DNA health tested, and clear. Our mamas are imported from Ukraine, and the daddies are from Hungary. Our Litters are not AKC registered. We only sell to family homes only!!

when can I bring home my puppy?

Your puppy is usually available anytime after eight weeks old. However, with smaller breeds, I prefer to keep them at least until 10 to 12 weeks of age which will allow my puppies additional time with their litter-mates. This extra time with litter-mates gives your puppies a better foundation for relating to other dogs. And more importantly, litter-mates teach each further bite inhibition.

What to expect from my puppy?

Your puppy will have all age-appropriate shots, microchipped from AKC reunite, worming several times, Complete vet health exam, and a Florida health certificate.

Delivery Options

If you are located outside the state of Florida or unable to travel, you can use a pet transporter to drive your baby to you. I have a highly recommended transporter I can recommend to you. 



What questions should you ask before agreeing to a deposit

What questions should you ask before agreeing to a deposit?

A few questions buyers should consider asking before agreeing to a deposit. 

  • Why is a small deposit required?
  • A small deposit is a screening tool to help us evaluate potential puppy buyers. It indicates that a potential buyer is serious. Your deposit also holds your puppy from other potential buyers
  • Will the deposit be applied to the price of the puppy? Yes, your deposit will be applied to the cost of your puppy and ensure us that the buyer is serious. Your deposit will be utilized for your puppy's last vet exam and includes an Fl health certificate
  • Is your deposit refundable? Yes, under any unavoidable circumstances, your deposit is refundable if your puppy becomes unavailable on our behalf.
  • Why is there a free waiting list instead of a deposit for our future litter
    Unfortunately, We can't predict whether our female will become pregnant or have a successful pregnancy. It is also impossible to know how many healthy puppies will be in a litter, the sex, and coloring of our puppies
  • Is your deposit transferable to a future litter if a puppy is unavailable? Yes, if, in any unavoidable circumstances, your puppy becomes unavailable, the buyer can have the option to transfer their deposit.